12 New Google Ads Products That We Can't Wait To Use!

This year Google Ads marketing innovations span new integrated cross channel measurements, AI & automations, data privacy, and expanded audience reach tools. Here are the key takeaways from the Google Livestream conference that we can't wait to implement into your business to drive traffic and improve Google Ads results.


Performance Max campaigns

 A new goal-based campaign allows access to all of the google inventory from a single campaign including Youtube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail and Maps. Delivering more conversions and value by optimising performance in real-time across all these channels using Smart Bidding. By entering your specific marketing goal (CPA, ROAS), adding creative assets, audience signals, Performance Max will combine Google’s automation across bidding, budget, audiences, creative and attribution. This means better performance against goals, simplify campaign management and unlocking new audiences across Google's network. This new offer will optimise the performance of your campaign, driving specific goals and opening up all of Google's Ad Channels in a single campaign. This is still in beta but is expected to be rolled out by end of the year in Australia.

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Insights Page

Currently, Google Ads offers Search trends helping to identify new areas of interest for products and services. Its potential has fallen relatively flat up until now but there is hope that these new additions will generate more relevant insights.

The new rollout will include:

  1. Demand forecast
  2. Consumer interest themes
  3. Audience insights.


Image Extensions

 Now available globally, Image Extensions allow advertisers to upload rich and relevant visual content to their existing ads that will help drive search performance by enhancing the message and experience. Google Ads can now appear with a Headline, Description, URL and Image. You can use up to 3 Square (1:1) or landscape (1.91x1) with your legally owned images at the Ad or Campaign level.


Ad Customisers - Responsive Search Ads

Adapt your Responsive Search Ads to what your potential customers are searching for. Create a more personalised and relevant responsive search ad by defining custom attributes like name and price in real-time and at scale.


Customer Match

Reach and re-engage your customers using online and offline data across Search, Shopping, Gmail, YouTube and Display. It's an invaluable tool in vertical marketing from brand awareness to conversions that utilises Custom Match data in customer lists.

  • Optimise bidding on Search and Shopping based on your customer's known activities
  • Reach similar audiences on Gmail
  • Reach new audiences on YouTube by targeting similar audiences
  • Reach customers and similar audiences using personalised ads on Display.


Attribution Reporting

Display and YouTube will now be added with Search and Shopping in a fully integrated robust attribution model including in-app conversions. Once Conversions have been set up, the Attributions reports can unlock a plethora of information about the path your customers take to complete conversions and how your different advertising efforts are working together.


Enhanced Conversions

Ever-increasing concerns around privacy concerns for users and alternatives for advertisers and publishers have spawned this Beta program that will work towards providing a safe view of conversions even as cookies become less available. Google has been evaluating proposals for Chromes Privacy Sandbox to replace third-party cookies with privacy-first alternatives around conversion measurement. More news to come. 

Google Ads App

Stay connected to your campaign in real-time, on the go with your personalized feed in the Google Ads app. Coming soon will be new high impact recommendations, tailored insights and educational content aligned that align with your campaign goals and help improve performance. This App has finally come of age in usability and functionality.


Hotel Results

As consumers start to reimagine travelling for 2021-22 Google is ramping up its efforts to help revive the travel industry including hotel booking extensions, vacation rentals in Hotel results, and enhanced commission bidding. All getting an update to amplify search results and help expand reach and find more customers at lower costs.


Physical Business Locations

With COVID still in play and shopping habits changing, YouTube’s aim this year is to deliver more foot traffic with new VIdeo action campaigns and store sales with Local campaigns. Local campaigns will also feature new ads formats in Maps with “pick up today” for retailers using local inventory ads and and “pick up later” to collect from local businesses.

Later this year, you’ll be able to optimise for store visits in Video action campaigns, and store sales in Local campaigns. If you are using Local campaigns you can also access new ad formats on stock available for immediate store pickup today, pick up later or curbside pickup. Currently in beta is using Shopping Ads with the “Pickup later” which will help consumers collect their purchases from local businesses.

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OCI (Offline Conversion Import) Tool

This new tool from Google will help you import your first-party data and offline conversions to improve your campaign optimisations and find more qualified leads. Offline data allows advertisers to measure the quality of their leads better and businesses achieve increased revenue and cost efficiencies when merging strategy with customer data across your lead-to-sale journey. 


TV in Reach Planner

Discover the right mix of TV, YouTube and Google video partners to improve reach and frequency of your campaigns with the TV in Reach Planner. Compare historical TV campaign data alongside YouTube forecasts. This new Google tools is powered by actual TV data, is fast and simple, has comprehensive forecasting settings and provides clear insights on how to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns. Currently available in France, Japan and the USA to Neilsen data licensees it will become available in more countries later in the year. 


Video Reach Campaigns

These are a more simplified and efficient way for marketers to manage their awareness campaigns across YouTube. You can now upload multiples of video (6-second bumper, skippable in-stream, no skippable) into one single campaign. Google AI then serves the best combination to your audience at scale. This means fewer campaigns to manage and lower campaign costs.


So whether you are considering dipping your toe into ads or an expert level Google wizard, there are always some great new and improved tools worthy of your investigation. And if you need some help driving traffic or your campaign results have been lacklustre so far, we would love to help.

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