5 Digital Marketing Trends To Follow In 2023

Technology has rapidly changed the way we approach marketing. With the introduction of AI and more interactive media it’s important to stay up to date with what digital tools can benefit your business. Here's the Click team's top 5 digital marketing trends for 2023, to help you shape the ideal digital marketing strategy for your business goals in the new year.

1. Short Form Video

With TikTok overtaking Google as the number one domain in 2021, the short-form video app is still ranking highly as one of the most popular platforms on the internet, accumulating 1.5 billion visits in just July of this year. Other social media platforms followed suit with Instagram pushing their Reels function and YouTube focusing on releasing their own branded short video content. Short-form videos have now become the standard of video consumption online and digital marketers should be quick to capitalise on this already successful content trend to stay relevant in the coming years. Short-form video not only skyrockets engagement and growth but also is proven to have the best ROI in comparison to other similar content formats. Definitely a trend worth following for digital marketers looking to stay innovative and relevant during 2023.


2. Influencer Relationships

Off the back of how important platforms like TikTok, Instagram and YouTube have become from utilising short-form video content, influencer marketing is a valuable tool when using video content as a method of expansion. In recent years the digital world has become accustomed to influencer marketing, similar to UGC content but with the key difference being that influencers rely on para-social relationships to generate and convert views into sales for the companies they’re signed to. Businesses who utilise influencer marketing effectively have a strong idea of their own personal brand story and values and develop relationships with individuals who align with those ideas. You need to know your audience and ensure your product feels like a realistic element of an influencers day.

You wouldn’t send PR packages filled with tech gear to an influencer whose branding revolves around fitness routines and attire and expect them to prioritise your products over more relevant PR packages. Instead you’d be much better off leaning towards someone who already regularly produces content related to tech products, who can provide a genuine testimony to an audience regularly investing in similar products. Making it far more likely to optimise growth and increase your businesses ROI for influencer marketing.


3. AI-Driven Chatbots

With AI machine learning the hot topic of 2022, AI-powered chatbots will become far more refined as of 2023. An AI-driven chatbot is able to deliver personalised experiences with clientele and consumers, mimicking that of a customer support department. For example, many banks have upgraded to AI-powered chatbots that are capable of managing any relevant customer queries with predictive analytics. This means AI-chatbots can anticipate consumer needs and guide clients through complex banking procedures, including making payments, checking balances or providing strategies to save money. Meaning, AI-chatbots are the new face of customer-first technology and essential to any business in 2023.


4. Smart Speakers

One of 2023’s new channels for digital marketing, smart speakers have already proven themselves as a popular tool for everyday consumers. The development of smart speakers such as Alexa or Google home has been one of the most significant in the last few years. In 2016 it was estimated that 6 million units of smart speakers had been shipped, in 2021 that number reached 180 million globally. Pairing this with the popularity of voice search marketing that has 60% of consumers finding local businesses through voice search on their mobile devices, this doesn’t appear to be a trend going away anytime soon. Branded Skill Apps is just one of the ways smart speakers can improve your company's reach. You’re able to create a branded Google Home or Alexa Skill app that is relevant to your company's mission and brand story whilst simultaneously providing a useful service to your customers. Some examples of this included are from some of the most universally successful brands and companies worldwide.

  • Starbucks Re-Order: use Starbucks’ Alexa Skill to reorder your usual cup of coffee from one of the last 10 stores you’ve ordered from. You can also check your primary Starbucks Card balance and switch between your last 5 previous orders.
  • TED Talk: with its Alexa Skill, the nonprofit organisation allows users to play the latest TED talk or search for talks by topic or by speaker name. They can also play talks that fall under categories like funny, inspiring, persuasive, courageous, or jaw-dropping.
  • Johnnie Walker: the famous brand of Scotch whiskey goes all-in with its Alexa Skill. Inviting users to explore nearly two centuries of whisky knowledge with 4 different options: Choose a Label, Buy a Bottle, Whisky 101, and Try a Guided Tasting.


5. Interactive Marketing

Last but not least, interactive marketing has proven to be incredibly effective with consumers worldwide. With interactive marketing content like live-selling or polls, you can invite users to contribute to your brand and in turn, contribute to your sales. Another emerging example of interactive marketing are “engagographics”. Similar to a standard infographic in structure but more creative and entertaining. Unlike infographics, they include highly interactive and animated features, allowing users to engage with the information they’re being presented with. Something worth investing in considering the majority of social media platforms are trying to manage the over-saturation of standard infographics as they’re continuously lost amidst thousands of look alike posts on platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Twitter’s algorithm.

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