6 New Google Ads features to follow in 2022

Google, the world's most popular search engine, has constantly released new improvements to its Google Ads platform on a regular basis to help businesses expand their brands consistently and efficiently. As Google Ads is the most widely used platform for businesses to launch their advertisements, we must ensure that our digital marketing efforts do not go to waste by staying up to date on the latest features and functions, which can help us simplify our overall campaign management routine.

If you're concerned about missing out on the latest Google Ads updates, our agency team has produced a list of the 6 new Google ad features to watch in 2022 for both website and app platforms.

1. More Data added in search terms report

When the search term report tool was previously restricted in late 2020, it generated widespread worry among agencies and organisations who rely heavily on the report's insights to improve their Google Ads performance. Google eventually responded to businesses' and authorities' requests by expanding the search terms report with more information. Especially when the search term report is known for allowing businesses to analyse which exact search phrases had activated their advertising as well as relevant keywords that their ad is targeting. As a result, Google released this new update that allows users to evaluate all types of search phrases as well as the impressions created over time. Furthermore, Google will remove older search keywords that do not exceed the privacy threshold volume (before to September 2020). This allows Google to address the needs of businesses while ensuring search privacy.

2. Increasing leads via search ads

Google's search advertisements tool has paved the road for many businesses to collect leads swiftly and conveniently since the rise of online commerce and many enterprises relocating their operations to the digital realm. As a result of their latest change, leads can now be produced automatically when someone clicks on your campaign's headline rather than being taken to a landing page. On the site, this option can be activated under the campaign category. When the form is submitted, your audience can choose whether or not they want to be directed to your website or return to the search engine results page (SERP).

3. Removal of expanded text ads

Expanded Text Ads are a tried and true method for most advertisers and businesses (ETAs). Expanded text advertisements are a unique way to reach your target audience through pay-per-click advertising, as they display directly in Google search results. However, it has been the default ad choice for ordinary search campaigns since the replacement of ETAs with responsive search advertising (RSAs). As a result, it has surpassed ETAs as the only available search ad option on the site. While existing ETAs will continue to run, there will be no way to change or update the information; only pausing and removing choices will be accessible.


Latest Google Ad App updates:

4. Improved performance insights

Announced in late 2021, the Google Ads app now provides you a more detailed overview behind your campaign insights. Explanations for performance fluctuations, for example. If you make a last-minute modification to your bid or budget approach, the app will automatically reveal how the change has affected your campaign's performance. Any changes in search interest, as well as insights into favourable performance changes, will be explained. With this new tool, Google Ads can help you see things from a fresh perspective and figure out which approach to your campaign is the most productive and why. Which is critical information for your company to learn and discover alternatives for future initiatives that will be even more successful.

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5. Oversee real-time search trends

The latest Google ad function will undoubtedly be valuable for your business if you are interested in retrieving real-time information about your audience. Because it's critical to stay on top of customer demands and wants, the latest Google ad function will allow your company to keep track of the numerous reports on recent search trends, which are regularly updated in real time. This new feature allows your company to track increasing trends in a variety of areas that are relevant to your campaign material. All of the common searches connected to the searched material will be revealed via a single search trend. Additional information will reveal the specific categories of persons who are looking for the material. The Google ad app can also suggest whatever is appropriate, allowing you to tailor your campaign to the latest search trends.

6. Set up campaigns on smartphone

Because many employees are shifting from remote to face-to-face work, Google's recent addition in this feature will allow your team to seamlessly transition between the two platforms, allowing you to set up search campaigns anywhere, at any time, based on your preferences or settings. Additionally, this new capability will give your team the option to simultaneously build and monitor your campaign. Simply hit the plus-sign button on the bottom right side of the screen to get started. The software will immediately allow you to choose from a variety of alternatives for the different types of campaigns you'd like to begin, as well as a positioning option for the campaign or more. After you've successfully launched the campaign, your team can use the app to track its overall performance and even optimise it if necessary.

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The main advantage of using Google Ads is that they are always growing, giving you new and unique ways to capture your target audience's attention. Our digital marketing agency ensures that your team is updated with the newest Google Ads news to guarantee that your business benefits from the best approach, leading to positive sales outcomes for your organisation.

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