7 simple website trends to follow in 2022

Over the years, the number of active users across the internet has increased drastically. Since the advancements of website development, it has introduced many options for business to improve the overall website performance and offer excellent user experience for their customers.

Businesses need to keep themselves updated with the latest insights to ensure that the website is constantly up and running, as failing to follow the latest trends could result in severe consequences. This week, the Studio team at our Melbourne based digital agency would like to share 7 simple website trends to follow in 2022.

1. AI Chatbots

Being one of the most efficient and important elements utilised across many businesses’ websites, AI Chatbots is predicted to receive an upgrade by the end of 2022, with systems enhancements to focus on registering users' behaviour, advanced information retrieval skills as well as natural language processing. While AI Chatbots aim to meet the needs and requirements of users, their technology is capable of allowing businesses to execute even faster operations through voice or text messages. 

Additional manpower is not required to monitor the process as its AI-enabled functions can independently retrieve data and answer frequently asked questions or even solve basic issues, thus offering customers a simplified digital experience on the website. Instead of standard chatbots, your business can consider linking multiple messaging platforms on your website such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and even Skype. With AI Chatbots holding such extensive capabilities, we can foresee that more companies will certainly be adding AI Chatbots to their webpage in 2022.

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2. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Designed to provide mobile users with a speedy digital experience, accelerated mobile pages, also known as AMP, are recommended by Google for sites that wish to provide a simplified and rapid browsing experience. Where its functionality can not only help to boost business metrics, but also increase the number of conversions across web pages. The popularity of this platform is well known for its integration with other systems and being able to decrease bounce rate as well as the load speed for most web pages.

3. Single Page Application

Recognised as one of the most-used platforms in web development, the key highlight of the systems behind this application is all JavaScript-based and is capable of loading a single HTML page in a customer's browser and constantly updating content on its own without refreshing the webpage. Big developments in this industry have also followed the system such as google, Facebook and Twitter. With the demand and expectations of quicker and simplified app development on the rise, we are confident that the Single Page application trend will be continued into 2022.

4. Optimised Voice Search

Voice search engines as seen in intelligent virtual assistants such as Siri from Apple and Alexa from Amazon are growing in popularity over recent years. Many big tech companies have incorporated voice assistants into their products such as the Google Home and the Apple HomePod as observed by consumer demand.

Since the idea of voice assistants has influenced many users to utilise the service nowadays, it plays an important role in helping consumers conduct voice searches through their devices. Thus, frequent voice search data will ultimately end up on search engines results pages. Therefore, many companies have begun shifting their focus on optimising their products or services under voice search for the year.

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5. Dark mode standardisation

Since the introduction of dark mode themes, many businesses have hopped on the bandwagon by applying dark themes across their websites and applications. Research has shown that dark mode can reduce eye strains especially in low-light conditions. By offering your users the option to select the dark mode, your website users can consider switching back and forth between light or dark themes anytime depending on their preferences.

This new feature has interested social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram to include this option for their users across their platforms. Ultimately this new theme could potentially be set as a default option for most applications and websites by the end of 2022 and for many years to come.

6. Enhanced Cybersecurity

One of the key concerns for most companies' websites is managing the cybersecurity within their system. Many fear of their cybersecurity being compromised. No matter how large your business is, there is still a chance of your business being at risk of cyber crimes. 

The importance of maintaining your online cybersecurity remains a top priority for many businesses. Hence, in order to prevent such attacks from occurring upon your website, many website development companies have transformed their systems to allow businesses to set up multi-factor authentication through Google Authenticator, patch management or even security operation centres to protect the company and customer records. 

An alternative option to ensure that your business website stays protected, is to host regular sessions with your team to monitor the daily traffic trends of your website and keeping updated with the latest visits from visitors, this will ultimately train your team to be on high alert at all times and be capable of identifying early signs of impending threats or errors upon your website.

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7. Motion UI

Known for its extensive and interactive experience it provides for its users, Motion UI is one of the most used web technologies by developers since 2018. With its front end framework, web designers can rely on the software to create fully responsive websites and even set predefined animations all through a native app setting itself. There are many sorts of animations and elements available for your business to choose from.

For instance, various animations including spinning, bouncing and transitions can be added to enhance the overall user experience through these interactive buttons. Furthermore, this encourages users to be actively engaged with your website.

Its upgraded accessibility and compatibility allows many web developers to link its system anywhere across your website, giving your web page a refresh look like never before.

 The evolution of web development technologies never fails to surprise us with the engaging trends and the many solutions to integrate these technologies into your business website. If you are not sure how to kickstart your website with these new insights, our digital agency team would love to get in touch with you.

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