A 6 Step Guide On How To Effectively Build Your Brand Story

B.Duncan, 2022

Think for a moment about some of the most memorable and iconic brands and then ask yourself - why did they come to mind first? Our creative agency team loves working with well-branded organisations because they have one thing in common. It’s their expertise in brand storytelling that allows them to develop a much stronger connection with their audience.

This week's article is how your organisation can build and benefit from your own brand story.

What is your brand story?

Your brand story is an overarching summary of your company mission and key standards & values that give your brand its own unique personality in the marketing world, through a cohesive expression of those core values.

So why is brand storytelling important for your business?

Brand storytelling creates a more developed narrative of your brand identity that's reflective of your broader company mission. This can help create a strong and important connection between your company and your target demographic, ultimately leading to more engagement and top of mind recall from consumers.

Our 6 Step Guide

1. Define brand goals and purpose: your brand story should always remain aligned to your core purpose and goals as a company, ensuring this message is consistent throughout all elements of your business. This includes digital and offline marketing, sales and any internal / external communications in regards to your company.

2. Research and stay relevant: there’s nothing worse than going through any or all of these steps only to realise the data and aesthetic choices you’ve made are outdated and no longer align with your target audience. Ensure your team is always staying up to date on new trends, updates and technological advancements so your brand storytelling doesn’t fall behind and take your company growth with it.

3. Understand your brand identity: think about the context of who where and what your company provides and how that translates when mapping out your brand story, this can include things like relating aesthetic elements to your business. But also don’t forget to ask yourself questions on how you want people to perceive your company, its product, intentions, history and so forth and soon enough you’ll find ways to create cohesion in your brand story.

4. Share your story on social media: now that you’ve got the basic structure down it’s time to start using brand storytelling across social media, it encourages engagement to not only a single social media post but potentially your entire company. The more people who can see your brand storytelling skills in action the more likely your company is to be shared across different platforms.

5. Utilise content marketing and SEO: whether it’s through a digital marketing agency or your own knowledge, you don’t want all the work you put into mapping out your brand story to go to waste if nobody sees it. Make sure you’re updated on trending topics, words and articles relevant to your company and check the analytics of phrases/words you plan to include as a consistent element of your brand story. If they’re outdated and not on Google’s radar it's unlikely to help you reap the benefits of brand storytelling.

6. Remain consistent and active: the most important aspect of all these steps is to consistently do them. This means updating information that’s no longer relevant on a regular basis, providing attention grabbing content that fits the year it’s posted and remembering that solidifying your brand story means staying consistent. Your audience will disengage from repetitive, sale unauthentic content so don’t forget to stay active!


After reading all the steps you’ll notice they all rely on each other. All the topics covered in the 6 step guide will not only benefit your brand storytelling skillset but your company's overall digital marketing development. If you need advice on what’s been mentioned our digital agency Melbourne team iis always here to help!

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