Announcing LinkedIn Newsletters: For your next Marketing Strategy

We all know the basic email newsletters that most businesses issue out on a weekly basis to keep their audience engaged and updated with everything going on in their relevant industry. Did you know that LinkedIn has recently introduced a new approach which you can consider applying into your marketing strategy? Not only can it reach consumers, across your B2B network across LinkedIn, it could also drive conversions, through this new approach. In this week's article, our boutique digital agency Melbourne shares how you can set up your LinkedIn newsletter.

What are LinkedIn Newsletters?

This brand new feature basically registers the latest content that you have published for your audience on your LinkedIn profile, and even includes the images or videos which you have uploaded across your articles. All of these can be then transformed into a link & be added to your newsletter then shared to your audience. When someone comes across your article & wishes to see more upcoming content from your business, they have the option to subscribe to it as a newsletter program. Once subscribed, they will automatically receive a one time notification whenever you publish your newsletter. This new feature has seen a rising interest from the all time video conferencing platform, Zoom & news publisher, The Insider.

It’s Free

To get started, simply activate creator mode on your personal profile & as long as you have created a post within the past couple of months, you are ready to begin! This all rounded feature invites your audience to subscribe, allows you to regularly publish any kinds of content across your feed at a higher rate compared to other sorts of content. Just like any typical newsletter, you can view the performance behind your newsletters. such as the number of people viewing your content and see how many are currently subscribed.

How to get started

Begin by logging into LinkedIn and head directly to your profile. Under the private resources section, you should notice an option to enable creator mode. Start publishing your content on Linkedin immediately if you haven't. Brainstorm a wide range of topics to set as your email content & consider which topic might interest your readers or could even solve their queries. Once you have decided, proceed to start sharing posts based on those ideas.

Set up your LinkedIn Newsletter

Once you have settled the basics, head over to create a post and select create an article option. Under the publishing editor, click on the option to create a newsletter. You will then be prompted to fill in details about your newsletter:

  • Newsletter title: Select a title that is straightforward & well optimised and conveys the message clearly with your audience.
  • Description: With 300 character word limit, focus on writing a brief & clear description, using the common key terms people would most likely be searching for
  • Logo: When uploading your logo, 
  • Schedule: Select how often you plan to issue out your newsletter

Publish quality content to your LinkedIn newsletter

The next time you create an article, you will be given the option to connect that article with your newsletter to get that wider reach. Everything you post on LinkedIn now that you post as an article - an image, a blog post, a youtube video can be sent out through your newsletter instead; You can consider reviewing your previously published content and repurposing your most popular content pieces for the newsletter.

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Though it is slightly too early to tell if this new feature will become popular with existing members of LinkedIn, the potential of LinkedIn newsletters seems promising, who knows it might be worth giving a shot! Our Digital agency in Melbourne would love to get in touch with you!

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