Choosing your next eCommerce platform: Shopify vs Wix

Both Shopify & Wix are the go-to eCommerce platform option for many businesses, as they provide distinct benefits depending on your approach in building your online store. For this week’s blog, Our creative agency team compares and contrasts the essential characteristics of these two eCommerce platforms, determining which has the greatest potential to boost your online sales!


Loaded with fully responsive themes, AMP support on product pages and drop-shipping features, the Shopify platform supports multi-currency selling functionality and offers useful integrations with other essential apps. Shopify is suitable for businesses aiming for a more global audience.

With Shopify specifically built to be an effective eCommerce platform, it includes several handy features that cover every area throughout the sales process. The site itself offers multiple payment methods, inventory management tools, third-party connections, and shopping carts for your online customers to add their items to. Not only is it scalable, but it also allows your company to expand as your needs change.

Flexibility & fluid themes:

With over 60+ professionally designed & custom layouts for you to choose from, your business has the liberty to add single product pages according to your needs. In addition, this customisation and versatility extends to page element switching, allowing you to move, add, delete, or even resize page elements to suit your needs, giving your online shop a more distinctive look. If you feel that your site is in need of a makeover, simply select your new, preferred theme & watch your site transform into its new interface within minutes!

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Custom Domain Name:

Every Shopify user is entitled to receive a personalised domain name which allows them to brand their stores and online business effortlessly. You can manage your domain on the same site location as your domain store, making it simple for you to make amendments across both domains.


Known to be a more simplified eCommerce site with a range of templates for you to choose from, it makes a great choice for businesses who aim to build a more general purpose website. Loaded with page layout tools, data capture and email marketing features, the Wix platform is not only affordable but also ​​a beginner-friendly platform.

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Huge template collection:

The simple Wix editor allows you to select over 500+ aesthetically pleasing templates for your site and populate it with any content of your choice. For businesses with a tight budget, there are 60 free templates from modern to stylish eCommerce templates for you to choose from. With several built-in dynamic templates, you can apply any themes across any site of yours, from homepages to blogs to landing pages.

Intuitive drag and drop interface:

Wix is well known for its drag and drop functions, making it user-friendly, especially for beginners. You have the ability to switch between mobile editor mode to review or edit your site, to have it fully optimised for mobile devices.

Free plan :

Wix is certainly the cheaper platform as compared to Shopify with its price costing as low as $23 per month. There's even a free plan and a free domain name (for the 1st year) and you don't have to worry about paying additional fees through the platform.

Built-in video functionality:

Wix focuses on letting your products stand out. With its integrated product video functionality, it certainly enhances the overall customer experience by allowing them to watch the product live. This gives them a closer perspective and understanding behind the product.

Both eCommerce systems provide similar advantages. Shopify is the best platform for large online companies who want to increase their sales globally. Wix, on the other hand, is better catered to general use cases and business owners who want to focus on content production to drive traffic. Wix gives a more personal and creative touch to your website. If your business is ready to enhance your eCommerce site, our Melbourne click creative agency would love to hear from you!

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