Crafting an ‘About Us’ Page That Converts

Your "About Us" page might be the most underrated section of your website. Often relegated to an afterthought, it has the potential to be a powerful tool for connecting with potential clients and building trust. But what makes a great "About Us" page stand out from the crowd?

Let's take a look at some key ingredients and draw inspiration from Click Creative's work with various clients, including our very own "About Us" section (not to blow our own horn of course).

Tell Your Story

People connect with stories. Use your "About Us" page to share the narrative behind your business. Who are the founders? What inspired them to create it? This humanising element helps potential clients understand your values and what drives you to deliver exceptional results. After all, people do business with people.

Click Creative Example: Our "About Us'' page features a brief introduction highlighting Click Creative's core value of celebrating diversity within the team. This approach personalises our agency and showcases a collaborative work environment.

Shine a Light on Your Team

Your team is the backbone of your agency. Showcase the talented individuals who bring your clients' visions to life. Include photos, fun digital icons that represent the individual, short bios, or even a fun fact or two to add a touch of personality.

Click Creative Example: Click Creative's "About Us" page features a "Meet Our Team" section with photos and brief bios for each team member, highlighting their expertise and experience.


Go Beyond Names and Titles

Bios are great, but consider adding a layer of depth. What are your team members passionate about outside of work? Do they have any unique skills or hobbies? These details help potential clients connect with your team on a more personal level and as a result, feel drawn to working with them. 

Melbourne Audiology Centre Example: Click Creative designed the Melbourne Audiology Centre website, which features a "Meet the Team" section with details about each team member's languages spoken and a brief description of their role within the company. This goes beyond simply listing names and titles, providing valuable information and tools for potential clients.

Showcase Your Work

Your "About Us" page is a great place to subtly brag (but not boast!). Feature a few case studies or client testimonials that highlight your agency's expertise and success stories.

Morris Goding Access Consulting Example: The Morris Goding Access Consulting website, designed by Click Creative, features a robust "Testimonials" section with quotes from satisfied clients. This social proof builds trust and demonstrates the value MGAC provides.

Make it Easy to Get in Touch

Don't leave potential clients hanging! Include clear and easy-to-find contact information on your "About Us" page. Consider incorporating a contact form or a strong ‘call to action’ that encourages visitors to connect with you.

The Botanical Group Example: Click Creative designed The Botanical Group website, which features a prominent "Get in Touch" call-to-action button, making it easy for potential clients to inquire about their services and take that next step.


Also consider other ways you can increase engagement, or even conversions on your About Us page. CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) tools and be leveraged to further entice website users to complete an action on the page, by showing them a embedded video or a download link. By incorporating and measuring the performance of these elements, your "About Us" page can become a powerful tool to connect with potential clients, showcase your agency's value, and ultimately, convert website visitors into leads. Remember, it's not just about you; it's about building a connection and trust with your audience.


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