What's The Next Big Thing In Digital?

Just looking at the global success stories, the big winners were Uber and AirBnB... if for no other reason than they're certainly the most written about and top the lists that include many success stories like TokTok, SnapChat and our personal favourite Spotify.

The Disruption

And for good cause. Like many other successful disruptors, they have all the hallmarks of picking up a product or service, re-inventing its whole purpose and presentation, and effectively obsoleting the existing market competitors who are still in shock from the surprise as they cling to their old ways of doing business. Last year we even saw CEO's titling themselves as "Chief Disruptor"!

The Transformation

So then, the next challenge for these organisations has been the continued, sustainable growth they need so move from shaking up their respective industries to truly transforming them to permanently reshape the industry... and in some cases, start turning a sustained profit! Not unlike the old adage of "what starts out as a fad, winds up in the long term as a trend".

In many cases, these have been DIGITAL transformations, since all have such a clever handle on their respective technologies enabling their processes and customers via the internet infrastructure, smart hardware devices and especially clever software to drive change and innovation.

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The Future…

Guess what? All the most predicted advances in science, industry, and mankind have one thing in common... the key enabler of every "next big thing"... TECHNOLOGY. Any wonder GE as the world's largest corporation and indeed employer has teamed up with the CSIRO to support the teaching of coding in Australian schools.

What does this mean? That the likes of Quantum Computers, VR/AR (Virtual & Augmented Reality), Driverless cars, 3D printing, even commercial shipping into space... are all in our not too distant future!

Of course, we've heard about or seen many of these advances, From the Internet of Things to Industry 4.0, but as they one by one become scientific or viable commercial realities, we'll all be able to take advantage and enjoy the benefits they bring to our organisations and ourselves personally.

These days most of your target audience is online... and mobile is ubiquitous and always carrying a mobile phone! To effectively create and build your brand online, make sure your organisation has a Digital Marketing Strategy using the latest digital marketing and advertising tools to attract, engage and keep your customers.

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