4 Reasons why Email Marketing still hits the Mark

In a holistic marketing mix, there is one all-rounder that is the perfect glue for holding your many pieces together. It's the oldest amongst us, the faithful, reliable, ever-useful yet undervalued...email.

When considering your marketing activities, how much value should you give to email? We’ll give you a hint...AS MUCH AS YOU CAN.

Businesses who KNOW, know...the incredible value of their email lists.

And we’d go as far as to say that the value of your business is very much based on your contacts. So if that goldmine is gathering dust somewhere on your computer, on an underutilised CMS, or with an agency who isn't maximising your contact capital, then this article is for you.

“Email generates $38 for every $1 spent, which is an astounding 3,800% ROI, making it one of the most effective options available.” (Hubspot)

 Do I have your attention now? 


The 5 reasons why people will give you their emails

People hold onto their email addresses tighter than their credit cards these days. It's the most sacred piece of contact information you can ask for and you need a really great reason to ask for it including:

  • Industry news and updates
  • Sales and promotions
  • Lead magnets and content
  • Products or service information
  • Exclusive offers, promotions or loyalty programs.


Here are the 4 reasons why consumers still prefer email

 1. The Convenience - Given that it's instantly accessible on your mobile devices and now aggregates or collated across your many devices. Links to product and purchase, to information, to sales and contact information.  

2. They're Personal - Emails tailored with segments and tags mean you are getting a very specific target message about a product, services, and news feeds, based on relevance. AI and suggestive algorithms will customise these based on prior interest, creating highly personalised messages for your customers that lead to a marked increase in engagement.

3.  Instantaneous - Emails are always there on your phone, They take a millisecond to send and receive, being tied to the cloud with services like Google. You have instant access links and answers in an age where there is a great need to provide immediacy for intent.

4. Anti-spam laws have changes - Spammy emails and direct sales are generally a thing of the past. SaaS platforms will no longer accept bulk email adds from purchased lists and will be blacklisted immediately. Only organically achieved lists that we purpose build will meet today's high integrity standards.

 "Emails account for 46% of all mobile opens." (Hubspot)


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Why do you want to put the time and effort into building the perfect email list?

 Affordability - There are some great SAAS platforms options for the biggest enterprise and sales funnels to the smallest sole traders. Many offer a freemium version (free up to a certain number) like Hubspot and Mailchimp. Once you pass a certain number of users you would pay a monthly or annual subscription fee to continue and generally that comes with a series of upgraded options as well.

  • ROI - For emails compared to PPC and traditional marketing campaigns is incredibly low. Your CPA in traditional media will be 100X what your email is. For small businesses this Freemium software model is invaluable.
  • Increased revenue - It's always easier to sell to someone is already a loyal client. They are advocates for you now. Tap into those extra sales, new products, add ons, upgrades and upsells.
  • Drive more traffic - Boost your eCommerce sales, new product information or service offerings. Share your videos embedded on your site, and get traffic flowing to the heart of your business. Launch that new website, offer similar products and suggestions, and ultimately drive more sales.
  • Improve conversions - If you are providing a great experience from sign-up to UX on your website and consistent across all of your channels, your conversions will improve and you will be able to track, measure and monitor all aspects of your customer interactions. Fix your distraction or abandonment objections like slow site speeds, forced account sign-ups and lengthy check out procedures.

“78% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement over the last 12 months” (Not Another State of Marketing, 2020)

 Now for the good stuff:


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How to keep your mobile email customers happy 
  • Keep your emails simple. One message per emails with an image and impactful subject line will be enough to lure them in. Don't go overboard with lengthy emails UNLESS you are sure that every little bit of content is worthwhile and valuable (are you still reading this email?)
  • Optimise your text for visual and emotional punch. There's not much you can do with an annual report - we get it - but with a powerful impact statement, you can grab their attention and make it worth their time.
  • Limit images and videos. These slow the mobile experience. All images should be linked and videos should drive traffic to a specific channel or landing page. This will pass the organic quality and value in time spent on that video to your website for SERP (Search Engine Rankings Page).
  • Use CTA's - ALWAYS have a call to action in at least one spot. Each email and segment may differ, from “Find Out More” to “Buy Now”. There is ALWAYS an action that you are expecting your customers to take. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want.
  • Better brand awareness - Be visible to your audience and build your brand across all channels. Support your sales channels with beneficial valued information for your customers to help them along their customers' lifecycle.
Your holistic email approach should be integrated with: 
  • Social channels - sharing articles, news, blogs, images, collecting emails with lead magnets, webinars, events and products.
  • Marketing Automation - use the automated workflows included with your mail program. Most freemium programs allow limited access to automation models, but when you start to understand the productivity and value path that conversion marketing can bring your business you’ll see that the ROI is incredible compared to traditional marketing methods.
  • Landing pages - Should be specifically designed for one purpose, convert to your goal. Signup, contact, more information. All messages should lead to the destination goal.
  • Funnels - In combination with landing pages, social media, PPC, and automation, this whole system will help you construct your sales funnel. Sales Funnels are going to be the lifeblood of your newly developed email list and should be the backbone of your inbound marketing strategy. 

31% of B2B marketers say email newsletters are the best way to nurture leads.

Which email platform is best for your business?

There is a wide variety of SaaS platforms depending on the size of your business, your budget, and capabilities required from small business to enterprise level. All integrate with your website and other marketing tools that you already have in use.

Hubspot  - The best medium-sized CRM tool in the industry. We don't JUST happen to like it, but were a premium partner and can get any business up and using their email marketing for free in just a few clicks. Freemium versions include emails, templates and social integrations, while the paid version includes segmenting, analytics and dashboards, custom design, forms, chatbots, workflows and funnel build to absolutely NAIL your customers into the sales funnel.

Mailchimp - The freemium of this is great for a small DIY basis with under 500 contacts. Segments, tags, and beginner templates will have you sending your emails off in style with consistent messaging. It's also very easy to import contacts and send. 

Aweber is similar to Mailchimp with its free 500 contacts, drag and drop editor, and offers even better autoresponders and design elements. It's great for bloggers, small businesses and entrepreneurs. It’s easy to use and offers great functionalities like A/B testing, eCommerce cart abandonment tagging and analytics, as your business grows. 

ActiveCampaign has many great features and is easy to manage workflows. If you are serious about emails, A/B Testing, sequences and campaigns and don’t need landing pages with workflows then this is the platform for you. The price is very affordable and there are no set up fees. 

“81% of B2B marketers say their most used form of content marketing is email newsletters.”(Content Marketing Institute, 2020)


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Here are the email SaaS features your business can't live without.
  • Templates - With the many options to choose from your templates are set up once and never again. Just clone and customise as you go. From the type of email (eCommerce, newsletter etc) you create, segment, tag and send. It makes designing a dream even if you're not a Photoshop pro.
  • Audience segmentation - Marketers who used segmented campaigns noted as much as a 760% increase in revenue. Use segmentation to create unique groups for messaging and products services, lifecycle stages and remarketing. Its the best ROI you cant get for your dollar.,
  • Dashboard - your quick view of campaign results. A well-oiled dashboard will show you how well your campaign ROI to the dollar.
  • Automated sequences - AUTOMATE, AUTOMATE, AUTOMATE. Set up your sequences, workflow, drip emails and traffic and take your finger off the button. You'll be making money overnight while you're sleeping like a baby.
  • A/B testing - Make sure to test it all, and test it again once you've tested that. Tone, message, images, creative, headlines, email subject likes. Iterate until you've got a process that is bombproof. Every time you set up a new product you're going to want to test again, so take the time and reap the results of a well crafted, honed and shaped email.
  • Merge tags (personalisation) - This is truly the cat's meow. There should be NO excuse to not be able to address your customers personally, with merge tags and segments, your message will be on point, your open rates will soar, and your conversions will grow exponentially.


If you haven't been nurturing your email list it's time to leap. Try a freemium version, and if you need some help getting your emails marketing automation together, we'd love to help. 

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