How to boost your ranking in Google using Content Marketing

Creating content might be simple at times, but it is also where the majority of mistakes are made, and many people are unaware that this is the fundamental defect that is preventing them from getting any results. It takes time to find out the best technique, but the most important factor to consider is the content's worth. Our Melbourne digital agency highlights the four ways you can use content marketing to improve your Google position in this week's post.

1. Making content more accessible

Most searches get on the Google search engine to enter their query upon a certain issue or topic. This means the information that they are searching for needs to be obvious for them to identify, otherwise it would be difficult for them to navigate for answers. Users need to be able not only to access your content but also find relevant information offered in it. When search visitors are unable to locate the answers they want, they will be left with an unpleasant experience, which may have an influence on search results connected to your business, especially if your material is active on Google. This is because Google typically aims to arrange the most valuable content derived from searchers’ activities at the top.  It also focuses on meeting the demands of search users current and future results. Therefore, do focus on developing value behind your content, as it highly depends on the context in your content.

2. Remove the unnecessary elements

Distractions and the internet go hand in hand most of the time. The following extra on-page ‘distracting’ elements can be:

  • Headers
  • Sidebars
  • advertisements
  • Pop ups
  • Scrolling elements of any kind
  • Social media buttons

While there are certain advantages to following the aforementioned aspects, there are also some drawbacks and advantages. To prevent creating a bad experience for your guests, avoid adding an excessive number of items that may lead them to become distracted. While adding pop-ups to your site may increase email sign-up rates, these aren't always long-term answers. Subscriber conversion rates may deteriorate with time. As a result, attaining long-term outcomes may be a primary emphasis for your company. The more active these features are on your site, the less attention your visitors will pay to the content itself. 

These parts may, once again, be inadequately rendered on mobile devices. You'll want to reduce the likelihood of visitors having problems closing pop-ups on your page. To minimise distracting elements, start by reviewing how many potentially distracting elements which are active across your content pages. Proceed to evaluate which individual elements might be off putting and aim to arrange your content up and centre to increase the visibility of your content.

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3. Cater to scanners

The average internet user does not read every sentence of an article. Consider how Google is used in most searches. They are most likely merely seeking for a fast fix to their problem. As a result, this group of visitors is sometimes referred to as scanners. Start with creating subheading descriptions, as scanners only search for items that stick out, and subheadings are the major element that captures scanners' attention. Make sure your subheadings are obvious so that your scanners can figure out which portion will address their problem.

4. Share with them what to expect

The first thing that catches the reader is generally the introduction. Take advantage of this by using bullet points to rapidly summarise the article's essential ideas and placing it above the first section before your main content. Begin by stating the important points in a table of contents-style arrangement so that your users may quickly determine which part has the information they want. This serves as a useful guide for your visitors, particularly if your postings are lengthy.

Overall, the key thing to remember is that value is determined by visitors. Before publishing your content, always question yourself what does your audience want to see. Aim to develop content that not only delivers value to your readers, but drive great conversions at the same time. If you're ready to make an impact with content marketing on Google, Our boutique digital agency in Melbourne will be delighted to help you get started on your content development journey!

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