How to build an awesome Landing page for your next promotion

A well-designed landing page is essential for all types of businesses. It enables businesses to capture leads, promote their products and services, and even engage with their customers actively. If your company is looking for a new way to increase conversions and responses from visitors, our Melbourne Digital agency shares the key components in creating an awesome landing page for your upcoming promotion.

1. Headline, Offer & CTA

Adding headlines to your landing page improves the overall tone of your website and, when done correctly, successfully highlights the important selling factors and brand differentiators to your customers. As a result, the headlines, your company's offer, and the call to action are the most important things to pay attention to on your landing page. It is recommended that your team refers to your customer Buyer Personas in your creative brainstorming process, as omitting one of these crucial elements may mislead your audience and result in a loss of conversions. To make sure your landing page matches your website, keep the material relevant to your users, highlight the outcome, and always emphasise what your viewers will get in exchange for taking action. Finally, keep things simple and straightforward to ease navigation for your visitors.

2. Design & Images

Aside from headlines, your website's overall design and images are equally crucial. Aesthetics that are attractive to the eye will assist you in achieving your website's goal. It's critical to include emotive imagery that engages and is relevant to your marketing. The design of a call-to-action (CTA) button can also have a significant impact on conversions. The button is well-known for its functionality in acting as a command or invitation for users to take the next step. Your business should focus on designing your button with an appropriate sizing, colour, and positioning that will draw your users' attention and, as a result, invite them to take the desired action.

3. Product Demonstration - in motion

Demonstrating your product and services in action is another element to consider. Businesses that choose to demonstrate their products using videos appear to have seen considerable favourable effects. To avoid overwhelming your audience overload of information, your business can consider product demonstration videos to assist you break down the summary into bite-sized chunks of information. It also informs your audiences about what they may expect from your offer, allowing them to be persuaded to buy your goods or services. However, keep in mind that video content needs to be related to the overall objective of your landing page.

4. Live Chat Functions

A recent must-have to add on your landing page are Live ChatBots. Since its debut, this digital assistant has shown to be an effective tool for most businesses to engage with, grow, convert, and even up-sell their customers. Because the majority of visitors to a landing page are looking for answers, it is advised that your company add Live Chat to your landing page, which can answer basic questions and guide them to the appropriate information. By incorporating this feature into your landing page, you will be able to provide quick, direct access to any information for your audience without having to go through search results, navigate a website, or use text-based search capabilities.

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5. Testimonials

Finalising your landing page by adding ‘proof-points’ with testimonials can make a significant difference in your company's success. It establishes a high level of trustworthiness for your company and creates a more personalised overview of your business. Your business can consider including testimonials, user reviews, or even links to relevant articles about your company on your landing page.  Before adding reviews to your landing page, it is highly recommended that your team review and select the ones that will benefit your business and help you stand out while promoting your brand. This keeps your website current and relevant, making it a vital touchpoint on your conversion attribution path.

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Once your company has incorporated these features into your landing page, run tests beforehand to see how they will work in your PPC accounts, as we do not want customers to have a negative experience with your landing page. If your company is interested in improving your landing page, our digital agency Melbourne team would be delighted to create a customised and efficient landing page for you today.


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