How to create big wins on Instagram in 2020

With more people at home looking for distractions, social media engagement has grown rapidly. No one would be surprised to see that Instagram has had the most impact throughout the past 2 quarters in 2020. Its evolution of new tools and creative options is dominating Tiktok and other visual advertising social platforms.

Instagram is recognised as the platform for Gen Y and Millennials.  67% of all Instagram users are aged 18 to 29 and with shopping, eCommerce and search behaviours changing with the impact of COVID, more users are influenced by Instagram products, brands and Influencers. 

Social media is seen as a ‘layer’ versus destination in the audience life cycle, just one part of your digital online strategy. Businesses that have been building their audiences on Insta have a great opportunity in front of them to capitalise on.

Here are the best new trends in 2020 that we’re witnessing to engage, delight and GRAB those followers…

Instagram Shopping

You can now build an immersive storefront for your audience to explore your products.

There are several requirements before you can start your shopping portal:

  • You must be in a supported market (Country).
  • You Sell only physical goods (no services).
  • Comply with Instagram commerce policies.
  • Must have an Insta business account.
  • Your Insta must be connected to a Facebook page.

To Get Your Shop Set-Up:

  1. Connect to a Facebook catalogue - Either with your Catalog Manager or a Facebook partner, like Shopify.
  2. Go to Insta App and sign up for Shopping, Follow the steps to get your account approved.
  3. Create your first Instagram story or post. Tag your posts with your products,  
  4. Use creative stickers to encourage engagement.
  5. Run Organic Post Shopping ads.
  6. Use your shopping insights to check performance and get great ideas on what your customers might want.
Creating Your Own AR Filters 

The Spark AR web app is completely free, and with a little bit of creative juice you can create your very own branded filters

  • Create your unique fun, fun filters that both you and your audience can use.
  • Let your brand personality shine.
  • Connect with your audience with interesting ideas.
  • Get on the front side of the wave. There are still so many companies not utilising these playful options.
  • Increase your brand awareness with audience engagement and usage.
Start Using Instagram Live

“Instagram Live views increased by 70% from February to March 2020.”

Try hosting a virtual event to support your products with built-in features to drive traffic back to your website. As your audience become more accustomed to spending longer amounts of time of both viewing and participating, these new behaviours are the perfect opportunity to capture your audience. Longer engagement times build trust and sales.

“Engagement remained significantly stronger on Instagram, which had 18.7x more interactions than Facebook, while 70.7% of all brand posts were on Facebook” Source

 Join IGTV 

With its ability to utilise both horizontal and vertical frames IGTV is set to take off this year. Advertising is now being rolled out on IGTV, and users and influencers can now start making money with IG Ads. Many big brands have recently jumped on board to test the IGTV Ads landscape and with its adoption comes greater opportunity for monetization.

Give Create Mode a Go 

With the new Reels feature you can add music tracks, choose your speed (faster and slo-mo), and splice multiple clips together, align your clips and then add some user-generated effects from the effects gallery.

Boomerang Videos

Create fun little endlessly looping video moments for your Story or feed and share with your audience. 

 Using Layout and Carousel Posts

These options give you lots of creative leeway to place a series of images together. Whether its a before/after or several images in a series to tell a story. Adding multiple images into your post create a storyboard of imagery.

Instagram Stickers

These awesome creative addons are helping small people discover small businesses. It’s become so popular that Insta has expanded into all kinds of marketing use cases. Stickers are super easy to use in your stories or posts. Ask your audience to Tag your small business, and when someone taps on that tag your business information is displayed. So shop and recommend local and tag those businesses!


Use the Business Resources Tools and Support including:

Support Your Business with -

  • Get donations
  • Facebook Small BUsiness grants
  • Offer Food Orders
  • Provide Gift Cards

Connect with Customers

  • Keep your profile updated
  • Invite Customers to Follow you

Stay Informed

  • Get Tips for Updating Customers
  • Follow @instagramforbusiness
  • Facebook Resources Hub
 Get on the “Challenge” Hype Train

Instagram Challenges are some of the most popular, viral content at the moment. Take a picture of yourself doing the Challenge, use the challenge sticker, and share it. Amp up your post Challenge caption with great #hashtag, @tag and engage a cohort of friends, make it live, offer incentives and don’t be afraid to follow up! 

Video Content Ideas

Here are some great trending ideas:

  • Tutorials
  • Behind the scenes videos
  • Ask me anything videos
  • Thought leadership videos
  • A countdown to product launch

You can use this list as your go-to to help you twig new ideas, start ramping up new efforts to engage your audience, and optimise your user experience. There are so many new tools that you might enjoy your marketing efforts!


And if you are looking for help with your Instagram and social media efforts from content to eCommerce - we would love to hear from you!

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