Instagram Reels - How it can Leverage your Brand

Social media has always been the go-to way to connect businesses with their customers on a personal level. It also means that we business owners have to constantly stay relevant. For this week’s blog, our Studio team shares with you the new kid in the block: Instagram Reels.

What is Instagram reels?

With functions similar to other social media platforms, Instagram Reels allows users to create short form videos to draw the attention of your target audience. Using Instagram Reels, you can edit and compile a stitched together collection of entertaining videos using uploaded content, filters, text and audio.

A distinctive feature of Instagram Reels is its ability to allow users to duet a video next to another user’s video so you both benefit from the partnership. This feature is known as “Remix this Reel”.

And unlike Instagram stories, Reels will remain permanently on your profile & won’t disappear within 24 hours, making it a perfect, ongoing top of funnel engagement tool. Just like Tiktok’s well known “For you page”, they follow an algorithm to appeal to users’ interests, where Instagram will highlight top trending reels for users to watch. This increases engagement as users can conveniently access and explore a range of videos, allowing your brand to grow your followers dynamically and creating a direct impact on the ranking for your brand.

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Benefits of using Instagram Reels:

Getting on board with the latest trends will help your video gain more views, hence it is encouraged that your business should include your message or products into material that is currently popular with users. As an an initial engagement tool for marketers, it forms part of a valuable suite of lead generation and nurturing processes that really turn the platform into a one-stop shop for promoting your message to its roughly one billion users! Source

To reach out to your preferred target audience, aim to find the balancing point between a professionally curated video portraying your brand as an ad - and engaging, even entertaining your audience with a more straightforward approach fostering authenticity. Though conveying your message and targeting potential consumers is essential, creating an interest in your message to establish a following is proving to be more effective.

The basic form of content that your business can start with is featuring customer and employee experiences in these short clips. Consumers tend to be more aware about the brands they support hence Instagram gives them a different insight into viewing your products or services on a more personal level. The use of social media helps share background information about your brand and what it stands for to your potential consumers. Along with what your brand can offer, making effective reels is also about storytelling, in a 2022 way.

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Engaging with your Target Audience:

Most Instagram users scroll through the app to seek the latest entertainment, which means it is less likely they to be looking to shop or the best deals. Therefore, it means that businesses using Instagram as part of their marketing strategy need to consider who is scrolling and what their objective on the platform really is. If concepting and shooting video content is not your bag, consider using a creative agency that fits your needs and budget to nail the buyer intent with the correct approach.

Adding Instagram Reels to your strategy is certainly a new way to reach your 'always online' audience, especially since short clips are an excellent way of maximising impact because you can customise them to cater so nicely your business needs. If your business is ready to start in creating entertaining content to boost your brand visibility, our digital agency Melbourne team will be more than happy to have a conversation.

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