Learn how to set up your next Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is one of the most common marketing tactics used by many organisations, including ours, to reach out to customers and build relationships. This effective method allows any organisation, whether B2B or B2C, to develop customised touch with their clients while also enhancing brand awareness. According to reports, 31% of B2B marketers feel that email newsletters are an effective approach to nurture leads, while 60% of e-commerce, consumer goods, and services companies use email newsletters to produce customised communications based on customer purchase data.

One of the main benefits of choosing email marketing as your go-to marketing tool is that it allows your business to generate leads by regularly marketing your items or services. This week, our creative agency team will uncover the steps to help you set up your next email marketing campaign to win!

1. Identifying your audience

Begin by identifying your intended audience. It is strongly advised that you assess everything in marketing for your company. As a result, before tailoring your email campaign to your audience's needs, start by examining your consumers' persona and understanding what they want. Your email campaign's performance is boosted by having relevant email content. After you've established your target audience, you can start personalising your email content. One advantage of sending personalised emails is that your email campaign will have a greater open rate.

Our digital agency has outlined a few basic strategies for you to consider using in your next email campaign to add a personal touch to your email newsletter.

  • Include a first name field in your subject line or greeting
  • Use clear, actionable, engaging language that is personalised and aligned to the body of your email
  • Only send email that relate to your previous engagement 
  • Write about relevant/personal events e.g. region specific holidays or occasions
  • Utilise relevant call to action to an offer

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2. Use email marketing templates

As designing an email template from scratch can get pretty time consuming, it's time for your company to consider email templates as an option which will save you from the hassle. Choose an email template that has been shown to deliver great outcomes when selecting templates for your email campaign. It is suggested that you use a professional template. For example, the best templates come from the most famous ESPs, which are tested on a regular basis, proving its an incredibly effective choice of templates for your company to consider.

3. Building your email list

Before you start your newsletter campaign, you'll need to compile a list of email addresses from the people who will be receiving it. Lead magnets and opt-in forms are two crucial components of email address building that work together to increase your subscriber base.

Lead magnets are typically in the form of a free offer, which should be valuable to your prospects and provided for free in exchange for an email address. However, people have become more cautious in sharing personal information. So don't expect to acquire an email address without first exchanging something worthwhile for it. As a result, making your lead magnet relevant to your prospects by making it a solution-oriented and actionable offer.

When building an opt-in form, ensure you keep the design as simple as possible, as it may be one of your first interactions with your prospects. Avoid using long-winded fields in your forms. Instead, aim to collect only the information you feel necessary. A first name and email address, for example, might be an excellent way to start.

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4. Set up a fixed schedule

Make a schedule and select how frequently you'll contact your email address list. This strategy will let your audience know what to expect ahead of time. If this step is skipped, it may result in a significant loss of subscribers and your newsletter reaching their spam folder instead. To avoid this, ensure that once your team has established a clear timetable, it is important to remain consistent. This will build trust over time and demonstrate that you are still relevant to your audience. Though there are a variety of methods for sending marketing emails, the most important thing to remember is to treat your subscribers as friends. This golden rule should be observed at all times, and you will be able to accomplish all of your marketing goals successfully.

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