8 Helpful Tips on Logo Design from the Click design team

When entrusted by a business to your logo design, you are creating more than just a logo, you’re creating a visual representation of your brand identity.

We have collated a list of 8 helpful hints to guide you when you are considering the creation of a logo either for yourself or your clients.

A logo is more than a word or symbol; it is how your readers recognise you and forms the foundation for the branding identity of your business or organisation. ... A logo can convey to your potential customers that your business can be trusted, has integrity in its purpose and will reliably provide your goods or services. 

1.     Be Original

Although you will see and take inspirations from other designers work, you should always produce your own, original designs. Try to steer away from the ‘on trend’ design as these can look very similar to others. The worst thing would be consumers identifying your brand as another.

2.     Understand the brand

Researching your clients' industry not only allows you to gain knowledge of the history and competitors but also what is happening in that space. Take the time to really listen to your client and take the brief you’re given on board.

3.     Sketch Concepts 

 Prior to building the logo designs on the computer, break out your sketchbook and create some concepts. These sketches will help you to build your ideas without distraction. Step away from your designs from time to time and go back to them with a fresh mind and fresh eyes.

4.     Colour, Colour Colour

The use of colour is all important in the designing of a logo. The logo should look great both in greyscale, as well as a range of colours that you’ve chosen to use, does the client have brand colours already? When choosing a colour scheme, it needs to reflect on the brand you’re going to portray.

5.     Simplicity

Don’t over complicate the logo you’re creating. Consider the simplicity of some of the largest brands in the world such as Nike, BMW and Mercedes.

6.     Experiment Symmetry, Asymmetry and Negative space

Don’t be afraid to experiment. The human eye and brain are pleased by the use of symmetry, however, using asymmetrical logos will allow the logo to stand out. Using negative space allows you to add extra meaning or images to your logo design.

7.     Don’t Panic

It will take time for your clients brand and business to grow and don’t panic if your design doesn’t make them go viral overnight. Having taken the time to create a logo that matches the brand perfectly, at this point you can rest easy.

8.     Presentation is key

The way you present your ideas to your client is crucial, you should only present your best ideas. Knowing exactly what your logo means for them, empowers you with the ability to answer any questions the client may have. This, in turn, will raise the client's confidence in you and your designs.

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