How These New Google Local Campaigns Features Will Help Drive Holiday eCommerce

Google Local Campaigns has put the gas on several new features in light of fast-changing consumer needs, the holiday season, and anticipated online to offline behaviour.

Google Local Campaigns Introduces Several New Features

According to recent Google statistics, 90% of consumers say COVID has and will affect their online shopping behaviour heading in the holiday season.

The evidence is irrefutable. Shoppers are people are spending more time searching about stores that are open, checking in-stock product before instore purchases, and looking for special deals, and delivery options. Google Local Campaigns has put the gas on several new features in light of fast-changing behaviour and increase in online to offline behaviour.

New statistics show that 68% of online shoppers will confirm if an item is in stock before they go shop in person and there has been a 65% increase in curbside pickups. 

New trends in eCommerce that will affect the holiday season shopping
  • Customers not wanting to have to leave their vehicles
  • Stores requiring an appointment for pick-ups
  • Local stores offering deals to get people to take up purchasing
  • In lieu of in-store browsing the option to order and pick-up bays (Kmart and Bunnings Click & Collect in Victoria).


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Google launches new Local Campaigns features ahead of Christmas
  • Service attributes (curbside pickup, online classes, contactless delivery) - specifically intended to drive consumers to local business locations.
  • Pick up later for local inventory - curbside pickup badge and offer to pick up later, pick up today options depending on inventory ability.
  • Smart bidding for in-store sales - optimising for store sales, not just foot traffic dependent on store eligibility and thresholds.

 Google Local campaigns new features that increase its offline to online capabilities help local shop owners communicate with their shoppers, help them maximise the value of their physical locations, and grow in-store sales as an adaptation strategy by:

Staying connected - Google Local Campaigns are helping stores communicate special offers, what store locations are open, new and COVID adjusted company services, store open hours, and products. 

Staying flexible - Local campaigns are designed for targeting and bidding and to focus and adapt to what’s getting store visits. 

Staying safe - Instead of traditional flyers, Local Ads show up on Google maps, Searches, and YouTube.

With Local Campaigns, your Ads are featured on Google Search, Google Maps, Google My Business Profile, Google Display Network, and Youtube.


Three main pillars Local Campaigns accomplishes

 They Connect  - 42% of shoppers searched online for the very first time what stores were actually open.

They Inform  - New features and attributes include Curbside Pickup, Shop by Appointment, Safe Shopping, Special hours and smart business hours (for vulnerable populations).

They Grow  - Providing information to shoppers so they know it will be worthwhile ( like stock) using Local Catalogues Format with Map View (where), Main View (eCommerce storefront), and Product View combined with an inventory.


Setting up  your Google Local Campaign Ads 
  1. Select a ‘Local Campaign’ in Google Ads 
  2. Select the locations you want to set up
  3. Select your budget
  4. Setting up your assets including text, images and video. Providing the maximum number of assets allowable is the best option for responsive ads so Google can choose the most relevant and best-performing ads to serve. This includes 5 Headlines, Descriptions, and CTA’s, and 20 image and videos.
  5. Develop content that speaks to the local shopping mindset. People want to shop local and support small businesses.


With Local Campaigns, you can stay connected with your customers, encourage local shopping mentality. Make sure to start early - shoppers start to research well ahead of purchases. If you are considering a new eCommerce business you'll want to start with our "Ultimate Guide to Building Your ECommerce Website".

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