Quick Tips to Improve your Website in the Post-COVID World

As we emerge into the post-COVID world, the demand for online solutions have increased dramatically over the past years, as many businesses are gradually switching to new online strategies as their new approach due to the recent pandemic.

Whilst the community transitions to the new normal, there’s never been a better time to take the opportunity to look into the many ways on how your business could expand amidst the post-COVID world. Being an experienced digital agency since 2003, we'd like to share some quick tips you can action to help improve your website in the post-COVID world.

1. Declutter outdated materials

While it is common to have multiple pages on your website, small details across your pages are often overlooked thus it becomes an underlying issue for many websites. This leads to poor user experience for your customer as they may come across misleading information on your page which then shows that your organisation is not up to date. Thus, it is strongly encouraged that your team creates a regular process to go through and revise each web page’s materials, ensuring that all information is kept consistent at all times and that it still applies to your business. This process is important as it avoids a negative user experience for your customers.

2. Tidy up your design

Though there are many website design themes and styles you could take inspiration from on the internet. However, it's best to keep your webpage fresh and neat at all times. Typically, an effective website is built on white spaces and the use of images is an advantage as it delivers your message clearly for your audience. Simply avoid overloading your website with too many words and minimise the use of many fonts and colours. While the objective is to give your website a professional outlook, ensure that your page is easy for people to browse, find what they need and be able take action on your website.

3. Simplify the browsing experience

An aesthetically pleasing website design becomes pointless when your audience is having difficulty in sourcing what they are looking for on your website. In order to provide your audience stress-free navigation across your website, your business should aim to avoid making your audience click multiple pages just to get through to their desired web page. It is recommended that you set up your site strategically to allow your customers to get to their desired webpage within 3 clicks or less. Another approach to consider is by adding quick links on your home page, for your audience to get directed to the most popular areas of your site. Lastly, your business could also add a search bar to your site to encourage an even faster navigation option for your users, allowing them to search directly for  their desired content.

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4. Maintain online visibility

To maintain your businesses’ online visibility, get started by reviewing all the interactive components across your website. Consider designating a team member to monitor and manage your discussion forums, job boards, inbox or message boards. This ensures interactions are always kept consistent, so your business can build valuable connections and effectively engage with your audience as a result.

By improving your website using the above suggestions and indeed there are more, you'll provide your audience with an enjoyable experience browsing your products and services, which ultimately increases the chances of them buying your products. If your business is looking for more advise or a solution to improve your website, our Melbourne based digital agency can help guide you through the journey to supercharge your website in this post-COVID world.

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