5 Things you Need to Know about SEO

The term SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, should appear to be very familiar with you if you're conducting business online.

But just in case you aren’t quite familiar with the term, here is what Search Engine Optimisation actually means:


"SEO is the process of increasing a website's online visibility in search engines for unpaid organic results."


Are you still questioning what it all means? Let's put it another way:

Search Engine Optimisation is the most important marketing tool your company should be investing in if you want your website to be seen. So, unless users aren’t directly searching your company's name in Google, then the chances of a customer visiting your website is close to impossible.

 Here are the 5 things you need to know about SEO:
1/ SEO increases the quality of your website

Not only does SEO improve how your website is ranked on search engines, but it also aids in making your website a more user-friendly experience. This is because search engines rely on how easy your website is to read, in terms of keywords, content and sitemaps. Therefore, if it is easy for Google to read your website, chances are you’re also creating a more user-friendly website for your visitors.

2/ SEO is GREAT for social promotion

Think about it, if your website appears on the first Search results page then you’re going to get more users visiting your site, and in turn, more people talking about it and sharing it on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter.

3/ It’s all about the keywords

If your website doesn’t include keywords that are relevant to your type of business then search engines will not rank your site in accordance with what users are searching for. For example, if your website is for a travel agency and your website doesn’t include keywords such as ‘travel’, ‘agency’ or ‘bookings’, then it is highly unlikely your website will ever appear on the first, second, or third pages.

4/ Sitemaps are important, too!

When wanting to improve Search Engine Optimisation, most people seem to forget just how important it is to include an XML site map! Site maps are important for SEO because not only does Google (or other search engines) rank websites but also the web PAGES, too. From an experienced creative agency, we highly recommend keeping it updated with changes to your site Information Architecture (IA), having a freshly updated sitemap will definitely place your website at an advantage compared to those who don’t.

5/ Content doesn’t win, optimised content wins

This describes the importance of content that is relevant. You can put as much content as you like on your website, but if it is not relevant to users or Google for that matter, then your website ranking will be very low.

So now that we have discussed the 5 things you should know about SEO, we encourage you to check out how your website ranks on search engines like Google and even Bing… does it need improving? If so, we hope the points above encourage you to revisit your SEO strategy. If not, well then congratulations, you are already well down the track of being one of Google’s favourite websites!

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