Spotlight On: Darren Jones Real Estate

Darren Jones are an independent real estate agency that are far from typical. They put their heart and soul into finding innovative solutions to all your residential and commercial property needs.

In late 2022 Click Creative Melbourne Digital Agency had the unique privilege to collaborate with the team at Darren Jones to create a sleek, clean, and intuitive design that would captivate visitors and offer a seamless browsing experience. With unique elements that highlight the company's excellence within the Melbourne real estate market, we knew this website would leave a lasting impression. Here's the remarkable outcome.

The Objective: Unveiling Personalised Real Estate Excellence

A multi-award winning agency since 1991, Darren Jones Real Estate is a family owned and run business renowned for delivering exquisite, top-tier tailored residential and commercial real estate solutions in Melbourne.
In our collaboration, we aimed to design a high-quality website that not only showcased their exceptional properties but also offered a smooth and intuitive user experience. The website's menu was carefully crafted to provide clear and concise navigation, ensuring visitors could effortlessly find the information they sought.
Leveraging a clean design, high-resolution images, and a consistent colour scheme of red, white and black we established a professional and visually captivating online presence that we are proud to have designed.

UI Kit


What makes it special?

+ Property Feed

The implementation of a property feed on the Darren Jones Real Estate website is a key aspect of its success.

By dynamically importing property data via Reaxml from their CRM system, the website ensures that the property listings are always up to date. This seamless integration allows for real-time updates on available properties, ensuring that visitors have access to the most accurate and current information. The benefit of this implementation is that potential buyers or renters can confidently browse through the listings, knowing that they are viewing the latest offerings from Darren Jones Real Estate.

This feature enhances the overall user experience and saves valuable time by eliminating the frustration of outdated or unavailable properties.

+ Custom Design & Development 

Unlike many other real estate websites, Darren Jones took a bold step by collaborating with Click Creative Digital Agency to create a completely custom design and development. This decision was made to ensure that their online presence stood out from the competition.

By opting for a bespoke design, Darren Jones Real Estate sets themselves apart in a saturated market, demonstrating their commitment to excellence and innovation. The custom design not only captures the unique essence of the company but also provides a tailored user experience that resonates with their target audience. This strategic approach showcases Darren Jones Real Estate's dedication to delivering a memorable and distinctive brand identity, establishing them as a leading force in the real estate industry. 

+ Hosting & Support

Click Creative also provides secure Hosting and Support services for the website, along with ongoing maintenance to keep it safe and performing well. We have also implemented initial SEO setup and marketing programs to ensure the new site can be easily indexed by Google and ranked in Organic Search results.


A Website That Feels Like Home

The resulting website is a truly unique and engaging platform, designed with today's user interface (UI) simplicity and future user experience (UX) enhancements in mind. Its clean design captivates visitors, and its seamless functionality ensures an enjoyable browsing experience.
If you're impressed by what you see, we encourage you to reach out to our friendly team at our Click Creative Digital Agency Melbourne studios for a conversation about your web design needs.