Top 4 features you need to know in Meta Business suite

Unsure how you can manage your Facebook and Instagram marketing efforts more efficiently? Previously known as Facebook Business Suite, the Meta Business Suite was first released in 2020, with distinctive features allowing you to manage all facebook and instagram business accounts simultaneously. For this week’s blog, our Studio team will uncover the best features of Meta Business Suite to enhance your social marketing strategy even further.

1) To-do list

This functionality will allow you to prioritise the tasks that are most essential to your business. To add your to-do list manually, select the down arrow and type the task you can also add optional details or instructions for colleagues. Facebook Business Suites are capable of dynamically adding tasks to this list. For instance, it will instantly appear in your to-do list if you have a Facebook message, Instagram mention, or draft post that has to be scheduled. This automatic tool might be a lifesaver if you discover that crucial messages and mentions frequently get buried in the clutter.

2) High-priority notifications

It's critical to distinguish the signal from the noise if your Facebook page or Instagram account receives a lot of alerts. You may get more value out of your brand's social media involvement by concentrating on the most influential interactions (like comments and messages). Notifications are automatically prioritised by Facebook Business Suite. High-priority engagement is shown at the top of the Notifications tab when you access it. In this manner, you may effectively read and react to comments, mentions, direct messages (DMs), and shares. You may view all additional alerts, such as reactions and likes that don't call for a response, below. Though in theory useful, be cautious when relying on the prioritised alerts. Messages or shares that you have previously replied to may be among the high-priority notifications, but Facebook Business Suite does not provide a way for you to cross them off your list.

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3) Mentions and tags

The Mentions & Tags area of the Posts & Stories page of Business Suite is far worse suited for spotting significant mentions and tags than the Notifications tab is. However, locating and sharing user-generated information is made easier by the Mentions & Tags area. This area shows all of the Facebook and Instagram posts that have tagged or referenced your company. There is no obvious order to the content. That means it's not very useful for locating either your most recent mentions or the most popularly tagged material. You have the option to browse the many ways customers have highlighted your goods or distributed your material, though. To see the entire post, comment on it as your page, or share it on your page, click any item. You can also get in touch with the original artist and ask for their consent to reuse their photo or video in a sponsored article.

4)  Inbox automations

Business Suite combines all of your Facebook and Instagram messages and comments into one inbox, allowing you to effectively manage interaction. You may either manage everything at once using the Inbox tab, or you can examine each form of engagement one at a time. The automations in Business Suite might help you manage your account more efficiently if it frequently gets comments and messages. To create these practical procedures, choose the Automated Responses button in the top right corner.

Your options will include:

  • Instant reply: Respond to someone who’s messaging your account for the first time.
  • Away message: Let people know when you’ll be back online and how to access help in the meantime.
  • Frequently asked questions: Create up to four FAQs that people can ask to receive automated responses.
  • Comment to message: Set up to four keywords that people can type in the comments to receive an automated message from your account.

5) Content Inspirations

Want more suggestions about how to write for your audience in an interesting way? The post suggestions as provided by Business Suite might motivate you and simplify the sharing process. Simply scroll to the bottom of the Home tab for content inspiration and you can view articles and postings from related businesses there. These suggestions are really quite useful since Meta customises them based on the nature of your company and the material you frequently post. The narrative ideas are especially helpful since they demonstrate how other companies employ interactive elements and sticker kinds.

Should you come across a post that is helpful, you also have the option to share it right from the Home tab. To quickly post it to your page, click Share after adding your company's distinctive perspective to the article. Keep in mind that you cannot schedule the information to be shared at a later time using this procedure. Additional suggestions for Facebook and Instagram feed material are available on the Posts & Stories tab. Please take note that these postings might not apply to your page or account and don't seem to be tailored for specific businesses. It's generally safe to disregard them in favour of the advice on the Home tab.

With these few features of Meta Business suite as mentioned above, we think you'll agree that Meta business is perfect for creators, personal brands and businesses to kickstart your social media management across Facebook and Instagram. It offers you everything you require in order to monitor your growth, stay on top of comments and DMs from your audience, schedule your content, create ads and more.\

If your business is ready to try out the Facebook Business suite, the specialists at our digital agency Melbourne team are always more than happy to guide you through the exciting new Business Suite features and functionalities today.

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