Is Your Business Eligible for the $3 Billion Victorian Business Resilience Package?

Last week the Victorian Government announced their $3 Billion 3rd round business support package will be delivered to Victorian businesses in the form of cash grants, tax relief and cashflow support.

And as part of this, an exciting new program with up to $20 million in grants designed to help sole traders and small businesses like yours the opportunity to embrace digital and grow your teams' skills for the 'COVID Normal' of online operations. Read on to see how this could work for you.

What does this mean for your business?

We’ve broken down the Victorian Governments new support packages for businesses in Victoria that have been affected by COVID-19 closures and restrictions. This will be a great support for businesses to open up more quickly, adjust to the new COVID normal rules and make it through restricted operations.

This $3 Billion program is broken down into several components Business Support, Business Adaptation, and Waivers and Deferrals.


The following sectors are eligible in this 3rd Round of Support including:


Tourism, culture, entertainment, events, sport and recreation:

  • Accommodation
  • tourism operators
  • Media and film production
  • Creative studios
  • Nightclubs and Karaoke 
  • museums and galleries 
  • Gaming and casinos
  • Adult entertainment and brothels
  • Professional sport and racing
  • Indoor physical recreation facilities.


Consumables and Services

  • Hospitality
  • Other retail
  • Hair and beauty services
  • Repairs, maintenance and domestic cleaning
  • Real estate services
  • Offices
  • Supermarket and food distribution
  • Meat and seafood processing.


Community Services

  • Adult education
  • Commercial passenger vehicles
  • Healthcare and social assistance
  • Veterinary services
  • Waste services
  • Schools
  • Community facilities and libraries
  • Public transport
  • Ceremonies and religious services.


To be eligible for these business support grants your business must fit the following criteria:
  • Operate a business located within Victoria.
  • Be registered as operating in an industry sector that has an industry restriction level of Restricted, Heavily restricted or Closed and is not easing industry restriction levels between the First Step and Second Step.
  • Be a participant in the Commonwealth Government’s JobKeeper Payment scheme.
  • Be registered with WorkSafe Victoria.
  • Have an annual payroll of up to $10 million.
  • Be registered for GST on 13 September 2020.
  • Hold an ABN as of 13 September 2020.
  • Be registered with the responsible federal or state regulator.

Demonstration of eligibility requires:
  • You certify that your business meets eligibility requirements.
  • Be in an eligible sector.
  • Provide evidence of job keeper scheme.
  • Proof of location in Victoria and Workcover.


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The Victorian Government Resilience Package includes:
  • Grants of $10,000, 15,000 and $20,000 depending on payroll size.
  • Businesses can only apply for one grant.


Business Support Grants can be used for:
  • Business costs including rent and utilities.
  • For financial, legal or continuity planning.
  • Marketing and communication.
  • Business support activities.
Business Support Grants

$822M for small and medium businesses grants ($10, 000, $15, 000, $20,000 up to $75,000) for:

  • Licences Hospitality ($251M up to $30,000)
  • Sole Trader in retail, accommodations, services, gyms, and education who operate from commercial premises ($100M Up to $3,000)
  • Alpine Business ($4.3M up to $20,000)
  • Alpine Chambers and Trade Groups ($3M).

Business Adaptation Grants

 Including some exciting news about support to help you build your digital capabilities and adapt to the new 'COVID Normal' -


$100M Melbourne City Recovery fund:

  • $30M for small to medium sized businesses to convert outdoor spaces
  • $30M for COVID safe events
  • $40M for physical CBD improvements.


$87.5M Outdoor Eating and Entertainment Package including:

  • $58M Outdoor dining adaptation (up to $5,000)
  • $29.5M for metro and rural councils for waived permit fees and outdoor diminish support.


$20 million voucher program to assist sole traders and small businesses in building their digital capability through website, digital marketing and off-the-shelf digital programs such as Shopify or HubSpot - and workshops designed to help adapt to online operations.


$15.7M Victorian exports market address logistic and supply chains.


$8.5M for the current “Click for Vic” program to promote local businesses.


Business Support Waivers and Deferrals 

$1.8 Billion in tax and cashflow support including:

  • $1.7B in the deferred payroll tax.
  • $41M stamp duty discounts.
  • $33M deferred landfill tax levy.
  • $30M to waive the congestion levy.
  • $27M Liquor license fee waivers for 2021.
  • $6M to wave Vacant residential Land Tax for 2020.


So how can Click Creative help your business with this new round of Victorian business grants?

Using the Victorian Government Business Adaptation voucher program, Click Creative can help your business build its digital skills in online operations, using the latest website and digital marketing tools, like Shopify, HubSpot and other leading eCommerce and Marketing platforms


Apply for your digital adaptation grant today, then invest in online and e-commerce activities, including:


If your focus is getting plans in place to start the phone ringing with enquiries, bookings and sell online 24/7 when people start spending again - there is a real opportunity to become a leader in your industry to make sure you're the best choice in the minds of your customers.

It's never been more important to reach the audience that's right for your product or services, with a strong brand message and attractive offers. We'll help you create a unique shopping experience for your customers.

Take advantage of this most recent round of grants - find out how our eCommerce and digital marketing packages can help sole traders and small business adapt and thrive online today!

What can my business qualify for?