Why ‘Content Creation’ must be your next Marketing Strategy

Have you ever wondered why creating content is so important in your marketing strategy? Do you want to learn how developing the appropriate content will help you effectively engage your desired audience? Our experienced digital agency Melbourne content team reveals a new technique to effectively promote audience engagement in this week's blog.

We're all familiar with the fundamentals of content creation, which includes entertaining, delivering value, and even inspiring insights across your various marketing platforms of choice. Now is the moment to make a shift, focusing on building audience loyalty based on the content you're producing. It's simply not as effective to simply hold your audience's attention for 5 minutes. Not only must your material attract and hold your audience's attention, but you must also persuade them to spend the time reading it... the battle begins! Consider your content strategy to be your key form of communication. To pull in your audience and demonstrate your point of difference and some degree of competitive advantage, it's a good idea to figure out how you're going to communicate these in a consistent manner across many platforms.

1. Create a collection of content

By creating a collection of content, it serves as a long term content strategy. Focus on creating your own 'content library', instead of viewing content as an asset or a singular post. This allows your audience to be aware that all articles are connected in a way. For instance, when you publish the first post,  it acts as a better solution because post 5 exists and post 6 gets even better because post number 1 exists. This concept encourages your audience to keep reading because it’s related to other content that you have created. The main objective behind this is to create a dynamic body of work that differentiates you and your brand from your competitors.

Most businesses transfer their focus to creating a resource centre in order to receive an article about the conventional top 10 reasons blog themes. However, there is a loophole here. They are not developing content that is related to each other. As a result, you won't be able to construct a connected, flowing body of work.

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2. Imagine your content as a product

When establishing your content collection, keep in mind that you should approach it in the same way that you would when creating a product.  Looking at your content platforms as products instead, it forces you to question yourself what editorial strategy should appear across those platforms. How are you able to build a body of work to encourage people to visit that platform regularly and remain on the site? Many businesses have strategically followed this idea by building an editorial system where all the pieces of content connect together. For instance, an article from a podcast interview can be repurposed into Youtube or a full blog article, depending on your preference. It is necessary to consider what the story and the value do you want to offer to your audience? Then further develop that insight into different formats across various platforms. A key advantage of this approach is that it saves you from the time to constantly brainstorming content as well.

3. Plan & prioritise your content

While most businesses don't have trouble developing content ideas, a common issue however, is obtaining the necessary bandwidth to carry them out. The truth is having insufficient team members to execute a cohesive or coordinated collection of content without prioritising and outlining your work. This is why it is encouraged to come up with a content calendar that catalogs your content development progress. This will provide clear information distribution to everyone involved in the project, such as social media managers, sales team or even video editors. Take time to identify all your inbound and outbound team members, so you can begin planning how to direct them.

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4. And keep on creating more content!

Once you have settled your priorities and producing process, you will be capable of more business decisions about when and how to improvise. There’s certainly no harm trying something new, but sometimes it means you might not have the in-house expertise to handle it. If your business is excited to try creating engaging content, our Melbourne digital agency will be more than happy to assist you today!

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