Why Pillar Pages Are Vital For Your Business SEO Strategy

B.Duncan, 2022

As a creative digital agency it's important we're across any new ways to increase our online presence. One of the most functional ways to boost engagement on a website is using pillar pages.

Pillar pages build authority about specific topics on your website, where readers can find generalised information like images, video and infographics. With the additional benefit of links taking them to related content on your website or elsewhere. And importantly, so Google can see you are providing relevant answers to their search intent and questions, too.

What Is A Pillar Page?

  • pillar pages aim to provide a generalised overview of a topic in a long-form structure
  • they guide readers to associated  'cluster content' via linking preexisting content within your website
  • Links should appear cohesive and take readers to a page with comprehensive information regarding topics mentioned within the pillar page.

By structuring a pillar page and topic cluster, you’re getting the advantage of optimising the generalised element of the page by including a much wider range of high relevance keywords for huge benefits to your website SEO. Alongside this, you’re providing resources to increase engagement beyond a single page by encouraging users to circulate through content across similar pages on your website.

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How Does This Benefit My Business SEO Strategy?

SEO technology and Google’s algorithms are continuously developing to adhere to consumer needs and recent evidence found more people are searching for longer-form answers. That being said it’s evident that with fast paced technology comes limited attention spans, this is where pillar page formatting and cluster content becomes beneficial. SEO heavily relies on focusing the use of key words that remain topically relevant to optimise a page’s visibility in Google Search.

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 "SEO is the process of increasing a website's online visibility in search engines for unpaid organic results.”  - Search Engine Land 

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