Managed Web Services

While you focus on your business we can handle the technical elements that support your daily online activities. With decades of network and web experience, we're always on duty behind the scenes making sure you don't have to worry about security, renewals or website uptime.

  • Dedicated web & DNS hosting
  • Domain registration
  • Backups
  • Security
  • 24/7 Australian support team
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA) available
  • Digital Agency Melbourne team

What are 'Managed "Web Services?"

A full suite of outsourced technical support and maintenance services, that ensure speed, security and the right uptime for your business. Get dedicated web & DNS hosting for all your online platforms - secure in the comfort your data is stored locally, with our dedicated Melbourne website, domain and email hosting servers.

Web Hosting and Infrastructure

As an experienced Managed Service Provider (MSP), we take care of servers, storage, bandwidth, and the underlying technology your website relies on. We’ll help you achieve your network security goals – free up your internal IT resources, reduce costs, improve the reliability and security of your website, and tap into our specialised web expertise.

Website Updates and Maintenance Care Plan

Ensures that your website's software (like your content management system) and plugins are up-to-date and functioning correctly. Our cost-effective Quarterly Care Plan takes a regular look at your website or eCommerce platform and functionalities, assessing and updating your software to ensure it has the latest security patches and versions. WordPress platforms can especially benefit from regular updating and maintenance, with enhanced security and overall site performance.

Domain registration and Hosting

We can manage your domains, subdomains, and registration through our network of recommended domain registration companies. All in one place, one point of contact, and easily accessible with one phone call – simplifying your management and potentially saving you time and money. Let us be your single point of support for your domain and DNS hosting needs. No more juggling multiple accounts and logins, making this one of our most popular Managed Web Services. As experts in this field, we can advise on and implement Domain name choices and DNS configuration for optimal performance.

Backups and Disaster Recovery

Don't let cybersecurity worries keep you up at night! With our routine website maintenance support, we ensure regular, scheduled and secure backups of your valuable website data. We can also create detailed disaster recovery plans, designed to minimise downtime in the unlikely event of a hack or other intrusion. The primary reason for having a disaster recovery plan is simple – getting back online fast! Our expert team provides peace of mind knowing we are only a phone call or email away and can swiftly restore your website and return your operations to normal in no time.

Online Security

We take ultimate care to provide security at all levels of service for our clients. Our internet security services protect you from threats like DDOS attacks, hacking, phishing and malware that could interrupt or even damage your business operations or brand reputation. Systems include firewalls, intrusion detection, vulnerability scans, patch management, and incident response to safeguard your website from cyberattacks.

 Service Level Agreement (SLA)

For corporate and enterprise requirements, Click Creative is happy to provide NDA and Privacy agreements. Along with our comprehensive Service Level Agreement (or SLA) arrangements tailored to suit needs and KPIs around Support, response, resolution and platform uptime performance. All maintained in our high security Melbourne data centre.

 24/7 Australian support team

No matter the time or day, our Click Creative digital agency Melbourne team are here to offer you localised 24 hour/7 day support to maintain your valuable business website and online assets.

Benefits of Managed Web Services

•    Cost Savings: Reduce overhead related to hardware, software, and in-house IT personnel.

•    Expertise: Access to our team of specialists with web technology and security experience.

•    Scalability: Easily adjust website resources required to meet changing demands.

•    Focus: Your IT team can concentrate on core business functions rather than website upkeep.

•    Reliability: Proactive monitoring and maintenance processes for increased website uptime.

•    Enhanced Security: Protect your website and customer databases with advanced security measures.

Reach out today if you would like some recommendations for any one of our Managed Web Services, tailored to suit your business IT requirements.

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