Why your Business needs a Responsive Website

Devices such as the mobile phone and tablets have become extensions of our hands, they are with us everywhere we go.


How we consume information has changed

Throughout the world, there has been rapid growth in the use of mobile devices and tablets. These devices have taken large bites from desktop market share as the traditional ways for people to search, stream, watch and read have all changed… and changed the way we engage. 

As of December 2019 Mobile traffic has peaked at 52% and is predicted to continue its growth trend.  (Source: Statistica.com)

Google favours mobile-responsive websites

Recent updates signal that Google has been using mobile-friendliness as one of many ranking factors. Google's "mobile-first" policy means your searches now return higher results for websites that are mobile-compatible and secure, meaning you may not even get a look in if your website is unresponsive to the device being used to view it.

By making your website responsive, not only will it fit the screens and devices currently available, the flexibility of mobile responsive platforms is even likely to suit the next generation of devices and screens, too.

If a potential customer visits your site and has trouble reading the text, viewing images correctly or accessing links you risk them moving on to a competitor’s website and lose a valuable sale opportunity.

These are key reasons that your business website needs to be fully responsive to all forms of device, orientation and display size… but there is one more.


It’s all about the customer experience

By improving user experience (UX), visitors will want to stay on your site, purchase your products or services and visit again. If the customer experience (CX) is effective, your users will be engages, happily enquire and purchase. Then lead to repeat sales, positive reviews and glowing recommendations.

With the rapid evolution of buying habits, increasing visits to your website and talking to your customers in a way that informs and helps them to buy will ultimately result in bigger sales… more often.  And the real advantage of Digital Marketing for your business, a measurable return on your investment.

 If you're ready to create an outstanding customer experience with a mobile-first responsive website for more than half of your potential buyers, we would love to hear from you.

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