School Website

Every organisation these days can see the benefits of having a website with relevance and message to suit their audience.

This results in increased visitors, enquiries and transacting with the site like online purchases... even the formation of a relationship with the organisation that can last for years.

And a great example of an industry that can create and maintain its relationship with customers for generations is Education. From Primary through Secondary, into Tertiary levels, as we all know, the journey our young folk take through these stages is long and personal.

But of course, this relationship is not only between students and their school. It also includes parents, siblings and the teaching and support staff - all a part of the wider school community.

So when parents are first looking for the school that suits their child, location and budget, where do they turn? After searching the area online, a couple of options will be shortlisted, based on what they see, how they're managed when they enquire, and how they feel when touring the school.

A website is not just a place to provide information about your school: you can also use it to provide interactive services and provide updated information in the form of news and events of interest to the whole school community. It's the perfect place for all your online and even offline activities, even social media.

Staying ahead of the competition is the same challenge for every industry; so if you have a website that's lacking the features and functionalities your school community is asking for, here are 5 great tips from a colleague in digital & content marketing I'm sure you'll find interesting.

And if you have any feedback or questions on the latest online branding and digital marketing trends for your school, let me know!

If you're ready to refresh or build a new school website we would love to hear about your project here at Click Creative.

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