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3 Questions every marketer should be asking!


Published: 16 Jul 2018
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Being a successful marketer is not as easy as we all think. As technology evolves and consumer behaviour constantly changes, marketers are having to continuously alter their approach to delivering their primary goal, which is:


To attract attention and create interest.   


Through the midst of all this change, however, it is easy for marketers to focus all of their attention on the smaller things rather than focusing on the grand plan!

Therefore, here are some questions to answer and ultimately guide you towards achieving the main goal through the inevitable changes.


1.    How can I get a better understanding of my target audience?

Put simply, your target audience is the most important component of any company. Everything you do will always and should always link back to the target audience. Why? Because without having a real understanding of your target audience, the content you produce will be uninteresting to those you reach. Which in the long run affect conversion rates as leads will be scarce and any resulting sales poor.

Ask yourself how you can review your target audience. Find out what demographics are most interested in the product or service you are marketing. Discover their psychographics, as well as their concerns and influences. Having a good indication of not only who your target audience is but also how they a likely to behave in the marketplace will ensure you can create more targetted and effective messages. And a more accurate direct communication to your audience resulting in successful marketing campaigns.


2.    What does my target audience “crave”?

Sure, it’s relatively easy to define a target audience to aim at, but whether or not your marketing communications will actually stick can be a bigger challenge than we all anticipated. We must research, understand and test what content our target audience is the most engaging and emotive to act. Content that your audience will truly find useful and addresses their needs. In saying that, if your core content is primarily talking about the business and your product/service rather than what the audience really cares about, you’ll be struggling to engage and reap the benefits of their response.


3.    What are my competitors doing? 

Before developing any content, it is important to research the key competitors to gain a strong understanding of what they are doing and what you can do better. By knowing who your key competitors are you will understand three things:

  1. What content works for them
  2. What content will work for you
  3. Why your audience should choose your content (and product) over your competitors.

Don’t just know the names of who your competitors are... know their strategy, how they get their customers and what content their target audience engages with the most. Because with this knowledge you can then get an idea of the type of content that might be able to work for you and ways you can make that content better to attract a larger audience than your competitors. 


What to take away from this blog?

In order to attract attention and create interest and action, every marketer should know who their target audience is, what content they crave, and what their key competitors are doing. Address these concerns and implementing marketing strategies will give you the results any marketer would be proud of!

 If you would like to know more about this blog don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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