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How your website can negatively affect your business


Published: 3 Jul 2018
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Small businesses in Australia may find that their websites are potentially driving their customers towards their competitors... as opposed to encouraging and directing them to purchase their own products and services!

As a Digital Agency who specialises in the creative design and development of bespoke custom websites, we come across a number of poor sites both visually and functionally. And many start-up businesses would rather just ‘get something up and online’, while completely dismissing the importance of having a website that truly addresses the needs of their customers.

Is your site tired & outdated?

An outdated website is a common problem for many businesses. This often means there’s obsolete information, with an outdated website platforms unable to effectively handle the demands of today’s online enquiries and sales. And if it is not mobile friendly, this literally forces a customer to keep searching for answers, usually into the arms of their competitors!

Research according to eCommerce industry suggests that 60% of consumers will not buy from SMB websites that appear outdated or neglected.

Additionally, back-end work of a website is something that all businesses should be paying more attention to. Despite the massive improvement and lower cost of modern content management systems (CMS), many small businesses are still relying on superseded programs like the web code editor Dreamweaver for their online presence.

Can it cope with business growth?

It is advised that businesses ‘future-proof’ their online brand, by aligning their assets and activities with their future plans for growth. Without doing so, you may be limiting your ability to quickly adapt to new technology trends, which again, directs consumers to your competitors.

Other important aspects a business should focus on is completing regular reviews of its website and surrounding online activities to determine if alternative or new technologies could further enhance their online presence.

Engaging features & functionalities

Above all, businesses who re-assess their current website and make the decision of switching to a newer, improved site which the latest features and functionalities provide a more "personalised experience", so are more likely to achieve a higher rate of leads as well as generating more sales which far outweigh the time, cost and energy of doing so.

If you've enjoyed this article, or would like to find out more about the latest web technologies to engage your customers, head over to our contact page and give us a call today!

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Original article by David Binning, Smarter Writer 11/10/2017



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