5 Key Tips To Increase Online Sales This Christmas

The 12 days of Christmas has already begun especially for anyone with an e-commerce business, all the more reason to make sure your website is taking full advantage of the most profitable time of the year for online retailers. With last minute shoppers looking for the best cyber sales, boxing day and new years all around the corner, it’s crucial your business is set up for success this holiday season.

That’s why the team at Click Creative has come up with our top 5 key tips to increase your e-commerce business sales for both the Christmas period and new year to come!

1. Personalised Gift Ideas

People are busy and often overwhelmed shopping online during the lead up to Christmas, making your website as easy as possible to navigate is one of the best ways to ensure visitors will turn into paying customers. An easy way to do this is to make sure your online business provides gift guides and ideas for specific demographics that consumers can easily sort through. Label product suggestions together by relationship, age, product type, budget and so forth and don’t forget to double down on your gift guide by sending email newsletters reminding them of how easy shopping with your e-commerce business can be during the busy holiday season.


2. Digital Gift Cards

Gift cards are one of the most popular purchases in the lead up to Christmas and can be a great way to encourage last-minute purchases from your site. Whilst physical gift cards are still popular, with how times have changed more and more people are adapting to the idea of digital gift cards that are sent out as e-vouchers and have the additional perk of being delivered instantly via email or SMS, making it the perfect option for last minute online shoppers who left buying gifts too late.


3. Offer Holiday Discounts

Another effective way to increase sales in the days leading up to Christmas is by offering your customers an incentive that puts you above the many other competing online retailers. One of the most popular ways to go about this is by offering consumers a festive discount code for your e-commerce website or by making them aware of any promotional sales being offered. It’s important both strategies are hard to miss, making sure any Christmas deals are promoted on the homepage of your website, across all your company social medial channels and followed up festive emails.


4. Festive Blogging & Content

One of the most popular searches during the holiday period is what to buy for someone of a specific demographic, millions of people are scrolling through articles for ideas on what to buy for coworkers, parents and partners. By producing blog content answering these questions, you’re also giving your business the opportunity to demonstrate the why your products are worth purchasing and who your target audience is. You’ll do yourself an even bigger favour SEO wise if you convert some of your holiday gift guides and festive blogging into video content as YouTube is dominating the digital marketing space right now as the leading video hosting social platform.

5. Hybrid Holiday Shoppers, TikTok & Pinterest

One of the most popular developments in e-commerce to come out of 2022, is the hybrid online shopper. In past years, holiday customers used to make their gift buying decisions based on their familiarity with particular websites and the inventory those online retailers were able to offer them. However with 2023 around the corner, expectations from consumers have changed to include the desire to be entertained whilst shopping online.

This is why TikTok is particularly valuable to any e-commerce business, as the globally successful app makes it easy to create a company profile that can host both your festive marketing content and product inventory all in the same place. TikTok gives customers who want to be entertained by seasonal content the option to shop directly from the video they’re watching through a variety of impressive promotional sale tools available in the hybrid e-commerce and social media application.

Another hybrid platform that’s seeing more and more success is Pinterest, known for being the digital equivalent of creating a mood board, giving users access to millions of images they can customise their personal wish lists with by ‘pinning’ images to collaborative or private boards. The benefit of this for your e-commerce business, is within the images posted and pinned, any visible products can be linked directly to their source. Allowing Pinterest users to pin images that involve your business to shopping lists they can buy from directly or keep on file to revisit at a later date. Having a company Pinterest profile is essential in 2023, with predictions of its potential success and growth as a hybrid platform to match TikTok.



Wrapping Up

It can be overwhelming to manage the holiday demands of multi-channel marketing, website redesigning and content production.

So, if you need help getting your e-commerce business prepared for the season of online shopping, feel free to reach out to our digital agency Melbourne based team now to book a consultation and get your festive digital marketing strategy going!


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